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Program Highlight: Micro Economic Community Empowerment (MECE)

With the help of generous sponsors, volunteers, and partners, IPF programs make a huge  difference in national and international communities in need. For example, our Micro Economic Community Empowerment program provides:

Ongoing support for life skills, education and job training for employment opportunities indigenous to the region.

Micro-loans allow individuals the opportunity to become self-sustainable entrepreneurs.

International hubs have been developed in the Caribbean, South America and West Africa, Belize, Santo Domingo and the Philippines.

Watch our MECE program at work
in linden, guyana

Play Video about IPF CFO in Guyana 2023


Examples of IPF support include providing fishing equipment (Philippines), sewing machines (Nigeria), agriculture equipment (Antigua and Guyana), and construction material (Guyana, Nigeria, Philippines and South Africa).

Together We can build a world free of poverty.


key focus areas

These focus areas are based on our approach to disrupt the poverty ecosystem and provide needed aid to combat global poverty.

food insecurity

Food Insecurity

Over 800 million people around the world live with hunger daily. Food insecurity is the root of poverty and a hungry person cannot focus on learning, growing, or working.


We distribute items such as new, unused coats, clothes, and shoes to families in need at our headquarters. Our disaster relief team travels to serve and support hurricane and tornado victims in the US and around the world.

Shelter & Homelessness

An estimated 150 million people are homeless worldwide. Homeless children are more likely to suffer from hunger, as well as poor physical and emotional health.


We provide invaluable hands-on knowledge through the ERS Scholarship Care Fund for developing and broadening young minds. This includes computers and tutoring.


Employment & Financial Stability

Micro Economic Community Empowerment centers in the US and abroad provide life skills training, job search assistance, and financially support budding entrepreneurs with micro loans.

Physical & Mental Health

The ravages of the pandemic were particularly damaging to those already living at or below the poverty level. We provide financial support to promote physical and mental well-being.